City Wedding Venues

Our Cape Town wedding venues are among some of the most famous in the world. Cape Town wedding venues have an added advantage of being set in breathtaking scenery making them a perfect choice for local and international brides. Cape Town wedding venues also boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Our Johannesburg wedding venues are extremely varied and are sure to suit all brides in Johannesburg’s tastes and budgets. Being the largest city in South Africa and a melting pot of cultures, Johannesburg wedding venues are as diverse and different at this vibrant city. Johannesburg is also known as the largest man-made forest in the world as it has many tree lined streets and parks which make it very attractive and the areas away from the city open up and spread out offering wedding venues with beautiful gardens and plenty of space.

Pretoria wedding venues are some of the prettiest in the country. Pretoria is a very attractive city, especially in October when the jacaranda trees flower and it appears as though the city is enveloped in a purple mist! We feature Pretoria wedding venues which will leave you feeling that you’ve left the city and wedding venues in the gorgeous Pretoria suburbs.

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Sort Wedding Venue by Province Instead

From Gauteng to the Western Cape, we have wedding venues all over South Africa, organized for your convenience by province and property type.

*Image: The Garden Venue